Lets watch “Three Idiots” AGAIN

3_idiots_screen_3_720As a parent we always want to give the best to our kids be it food, clothes or education. In today’s world we hear a word”competition” a lot. Competitive salaries, competitive games, competitive jobs, competitive kids!! I mean really? Do you seriously want those three or five years old to be competitive and not explorers?

So, I went to one gathering recently and like all other parties or gatherings, moms were busy discussing how good/smart their kid is. Well, there is nothing wrong being happy about kid’s progress, it is a proud moment for all parents but immediately that proud/happy moment led to a strong debate how “COMPETITIVE” today’s world is!! All were supporting why we should send kids to so and so classes so that they can be a leader of Sheep herd. No body said how can we make them a lion who wonders alone and is a king of jungle!! 🙂

That discussion reminded me of my school years. Not too long ago all of us were students and we enjoyed rather loved this movie named “Three Idiots”. Question is why did we love that movie? We loved it because we were students back then and we had dreams that we couldn’t accomplish as we were busy accomplishing our parents’ dreams. This movie was all about learning what you love. It taught a lesson to everyone that go and do what you love to do. Don’t stop yourself. “Just do it” as Nike tagline says. It gave a message to all parents not to force kids to do things beyond their capacity.

After few years now we are on the other side of the coin. We are “PARENTS” and we are discussing same things our parents did, not too long ago. We have dreams (should i say dreams we couldn’t live) for our kids. We have planned their futures and we want them to be a part of that blind race. We want them to run and run from one class to another and from one activity to another. There is no doubt that kids are full of energy but they aren’t machines. They need a free time to explore this beautiful world, explore nature, explore themselves. Those empty moments will nurture their beautiful minds and make them more creative and a better human-being. How many scientists are we seeing in today’s world? How many inventions are we hearing in today’s time? How many Gandhis or Mandelas are out there? Who has time to think about it, right?

And therefore, its Time To Watch “Three Idiots” Again  and this time “with our kids”.






As we grow old we get so much used to our routine that we are too scared to break it or to try new things. I am one of them. I don’t remember trying a new hairstyle or new food in a while. So what it is that makes us habituated to certain kind of lifestyle? Why can’t we break the rules and do what we like? or is it that sometimes we start liking something so much that it becomes habit or routine. Hmmmm its a circle of life, isn’t it?

So initially you break the rules and explore new things and find something that you really like. You start liking that and then you love to repeat it so much that you cant get over it and do it all over again and again. And you are trapped……that’s scary 😀


Story of a boy with lost dreams and life

Story of a boy with lost dreams and life

He was quiet and a good observer. Ever since his childhood he was very intimidated. He never shared his dreams, his passions, his likes with anyone. Doesn’t he sound like you? Or me? Or someone around us?

Sometimes when he locked himself in his room, he was a fighter and sometimes he was a dreamer. He fought with his inabilities, he fought with his failures, he fought with his introvert nature but he still couldn’t express himself in public.

He dreamed about dreams and many more dreams. He dreamed about escaping and flying freely. He dreamed about enjoying life once all his dreams are achieved.

Time passed….rather decades passed and he still kept on dreaming but meanwhile he forgot to live in present. He forgot to realize that the life he is living is what he dreamed of at some point of time. He forgot that his fights with life has made him a great warrior but he forgot to cherish that moment.

He forgot to live!!


Image courtesy: Tomasz Alen Kopera. http://alenkopera.com/



Let’s dive and learn to swim

15 years back when I used to write my journal, no one was allowed to look into it but today I am entering in this world of blogging, a place where whatever I will write will be open to public. Yes, I am nervous as I am not quite sure what I will write but I can assure myself and you all that It will be fun :). Let’s dive and learn to swim.

I read somewhere “what a caterpillar calls THE END, the rest of the world calls a BUTTERFLY”. And here I am ready to fly as a butterfly and to enjoy the glorious beauty of writing.

Cheers to the new beginning!!!!